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About death

If you accept the beauty of death, will you also accept the ugly side?

If you endure the ugly side, are you capable of embracing the beauty?

You need to pick a side, knowing that it comes with the other half…

I wish you all well brothers and sisters! Death is looking upon us every single moment.

We live in times in which death is pushed aside, it’s ‘not for now’. I encourage all of you to embrace it wholeheartedly, with courage, with love, with respect… knowing that it’s part of the cycle of life. There cannot be life without death. Death is a close friend, one which we always neglect but will come for a visit anyway.

Hail the gods! Hail the ancient ones! Hail the ancestors who learned all of this already… They experienced it, and we are fated to do the same.

What happens after death? What comes next?

These are all questions that most people have...

The answer lies in nature, look around and all the answers are there:

We are energy, according to science, energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed into another kind of energy.

What happens if a tree dies? Does it feel regret?

Aren't we all part of one larger organism? If we die, we return to the source, ready to get manifested again in another form. What will this form be? I don't know? Do we have to care about it?

Nature and the universe are cyclic, nothing stops or just starts.... it's an ongoing transformation from energy to energy.

We don't need to understand all of it, we just need to trust nature.

Below my recent statue of Hel, ruler of Helheim... She has both an ugly as a beautiful side. We are fated to meet her, and we better embrace her as a whole....

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